Sunday, May 27, 2007

1956 Jaguar XK 140 Roadster

JaguarXK 140 Roadster
first rgstr.: 1956
Dealer: Auto-Salon-Singen GmbH
exterior color: silver
interior color: red
engine: 6 cylinders
capacity: 3442 ccm
output: 154 kW / 209 PS
speed: 203 km/h
Alle Angaben gemäß Datenblatt oder Vorbesitzer
The JAGUAR XK 140 was presented for the first time at the Earls Court Show in England in October 1954. Three different variations were offered, as roadster 3,354 copies built, 2,808 fittings were produced as Coupe and altogether 2,789 fittings of the DHC drop Head Coupe (Cabriolet). It had the typical hip swing of the predecessor model XK 120, permitted however finally also persons over 1,68 m to sit comfortably. This was always a great deficit of the XK 120 series. The chassis was improved noticeably in contrast to the predecessor model XK120. The vehicle has a steel body. Hood, trunk lid and doors are made of aluminium. The fittings of the roadster were originally trimmed in leather. Here the restorer used noble wood, as it was used also in the Coupes and Cabriolets. If necessary window panes can be stuck in place. Usually however, the roadster remains open like a double-decker. The rear piston silencers were substituted by Girling telescope shock absorbers. The motor had been shifted 75 mm forward, so that 50.3 % of the car weight was now resting on the front wheels. The straight ahead driving benefitted from this. Well readable instruments and well accessible control elements were a matter of course. The DHC drop Head Coupé (Cabriolet), as to be seen here is characterized by its easy to operate top. The vehicle has an unusually good appearance in this colour combination. There is also enough room for the luggage. The type XK 140 DHC is very popular among collectors and lovers of automobiles. There are very few offers on the market. The torsion bars were intensified and the little accurate Burman steering unit was replaced by the more accurate steering rack of Alford + Adler. Therefore the car drives in comparison to the standard version much easier and safer. The prices are quite stable and tend to rise slightly at the time. The added interior was especially welcome as well as the better positioning of the seats.

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